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Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013

Kaninska eco- trail

The Kaninska eco- trail is multi- optional – it offers a choice of hikes from 2 to 10 hours long, with an emphasis on different aspects related to particular sites of natural and cultural heritage. The trail consists of:

A long loop: Kovachevitza- Skrebatno- Gorno Dryanovo- Kovachevitza. Start/end points can be each one of them.

 These transects may be walked separately from each other. Start/end points are as follows:Skrebatno-through a steep rock ridge and the second bridge over the Kanina – Gorno Dryanovo; River

In addition, the eco-trail contains a few difficult to access extreme areas where specially constructed structures (wooden stairs, steps, ropes, high bridges, railings, etc.) provide safe movement.

They are as follows:

Various combinations are possible for passing through the eco-trail transects, taking into consideration the time available, the weather conditions, the water sources, the trail difficulty, as well as the age, skills, experience, and interests of the visitor. Near the trail, 500 m from the village, on the route to the Sinia Vir (the Blue Pool), a bivouac with a roofed shelter, tables, benches, fireplaces, picnic areas, and open space for tents are available for use of Kovachevitza.