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Since ancient years Limenas has been the most important town of the island. Being the capital of the island, with the Town Hall and central administrative sen/ices, but also the biggest market, Limenas has been transformed to a modern town keeping its tradition very well protected. Limenas began to take its modern shape from the middle of 10th AC century due to inhabitants of other villages, but mainly those of Panagia, while refugees from Minor Asia who settled here in 1922 contributed to its essential development and progress. Its constant development has turned Limenas into an international tourist attraction. Picturesque narrow streets, challenging promenades that one cannot resist. Beautiful small shops, inviting you in with their fine pieces of work. Fish-taverns and cosy hang outs giving off the smell of ouzo keep the visitor up until day lighting for the first rendezvous with the marvellous sunrise. The nightlife, a match for most socialite islands of Aegean, with the voices of youngsters and loud music, keep the night awake. A strong cultural life, archaeological sites and amazing beaches make Limenas a first class choice of vacations for thousands of people arriving here from all around the world.