Prehistoric settlement and Thracian sanctuary <br/> in the village of Dolno Dryanovo <br/>        <br/> Municipality of GARMЕN HISTORIC LANDSCAPE PARK  “GRADISHTE” <br/>
         </br>Dolno Dryanovo villige </br> Municipality of GARMЕN

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Prehistoric settlement and Thracian sanctuary

The rock complex combines the newly-discovered Chalcolithic settlement (5th millennium B.C.) and a sanctuary of the late Iron Age (6th – 2nd centuries B.C.). It combines a relatively rare natural phenomenon with a Thracian cult centre and has been given a preliminary status of a cultural monument of national significance. The natural phenomenon represents 3 large human heads of stone, known in science as mimetoliths, and rock figures that resemble a duck, an eagle, a turtle, a snake, a wolf and other animals.
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Area Thassos- Garmenexpand map

Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013

 “Strengthening the Attractiveness of the Cross-Border Area Thasos-Garmen through Upgrading of Local Environmental Assets”

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness and the territorial cohesion towards sustainable development through cooperation in preservation of the environmental and historic heritage of the Thassos-Garmen region. 

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